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Finnskogen Retreat is a sanctuary in the vast Eastland forest of Norway, surrounded by wildlife, nature, endless space and silence - and a supportive community. During spring, summer and fall the farm houses several yoga- and meditation retreats, silent retreats, healing gatherings and immersions.


Apart from these events, this is also a place for you who seek silence and solitude, rest and closeness to yourself, slowness to digest life's impressions, time to immerse your own yoga- or meditation practice, and wants to spend time in nature. 

It is also a place for inner explorations, meditation, yoga, prayer, reflection or study, a place to establish desired routines and habits for a good and meaningful life. In addition, it is a place where one can use the surroundings to deal with life challenges - it may be grief, anxiety, burnout or stress, or other situations or difficulties. 


We may not have all the answers you are looking for, but we are here to listen to your questions ad reflections. The farm, the nature, the program, the tranquility and other guests and participants will support you on your journey. 

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A rehabilitation farm, and a learning place that offers meditation, yoga, silence, nature, farm work and awareness-raising workshops in a safe and

supportive community. 

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And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

-John Muir