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♡Welcome to a yoga weekend in the sign of love, held in the deep embrace of Finnskogen ♡

The theme for this weekend will be "Bhakti Yoga" translated as the yoga of devotion - or love. With roots in ancient times, Bhakti yoga runs like an unbroken golden cord through all the Vedic spiritual directions with priceless gifts for modern life. Through the exploration of philosophy, practice and rituals, this weekend will open up a new approach to your life, where everything has its place in a larger, sacred context. With devotion, we can see our inner and outer life in a new light and uncover the "Yogic Heart" - the recognition of our own perfection.


The days will consist of morning yoga, voice activation, forest meditations, mantra chanting, Vedic rituals (puja), sharing circles, alone time and intimacy with the elements of nature. The sauna will soften, the pond will cleanse and the seasonal ingredients, prepared according to Ayurvedic principles, will provide deep nourishment.


Central to the program will be the unfolding of the voice through mantra and chant (with the voice you have). Grounded in a yogic worldview, we will explore the ability of sound to soften stagnant emotions and open up new patterns of thought and action. We warmly welcome those who are new to yoga, and those who wish to deepen their existing practice.


Practical information:

  • Where: Finnskogen Retreat

  • When: We welcome you on Friday 9 September from 12 noon. Opening circle in the forest at 2 p.m. We are ready for departure on Sunday 11 September around 18:00.

  • Travel: 2 hours by car from Oslo.

  • Price: NOK 3,800 (early bird until 1 August) & NOK 4,400 regular price (includes food, accommodation and day programme).

  • Transport must be arranged on your own, it is possible to park your car at Finnskogen, close to the place of stay.

  • Accommodation: sharing of rooms in cabins. We will do what we can to accommodate special needs, starting with registration.

  • Feel free to bring your own instruments if you have them (drum, rattle, guitar, flute, etc.).

  • Contact us with questions about the retreat at


Follow this link to sign up:

About us

The collection is held by Mette & Magnus Støre. We have been a couple for 13 years, and for many years have walked the path of self-knowledge with great dedication to our practices. We fell in love with mantra chanting around the same time as we had our first child and through this practice have experienced a greater love for ourselves, for each other and for everyone we sit in a circle with. As parents of small children in a big city, bhakti yoga has been a lifeline in everyday life, and it is from this inspiration that the retreat is held. Guided by master teachers, we have studied, among other things, Mantra Chanting & Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Tantra and Advaita Vedanta, and share this weekend from what has blessed our lives, with an emphasis on integrating the fruits of the practice into everyday life.

With Joy and Peace

☽༓Mette & Magnus༓☾

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