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Finnskogen Retreat is a sanctuary - a haven in the great eastern forest, surrounded by wildlife, nature, endless space and silence - and a supportive community. During the spring, summer and autumn, the farm houses several yoga and meditation retreats, silent retreats, healing gatherings and immersions.


The farm is a place for you who seek silence and alone time, rest and closeness to yourself, slowness to digest life's impressions, time to deepen your own yoga or meditation practice, and closeness to nature - both your own nature and the nature that surrounds you.


It is also a place for inner journeys, contemplation, prayer, reflection or immersion, a place for establishing useful routines and habits for a good and meaningful life. Here we can use the environment to deal with life's difficulties, major or minor crises, grief, anxiety, burnout and stress, or other challenges in life.

We may not have all the answers you're looking for, but in the community you can find people who will listen to your questions and reflections. The farm, the nature, the program, the silence and other guests and residents will support you on your journey.

The retreat is open to anyone who seek meaning, or want a different holiday, want to get away from the busy consumer life, want to spend time in simple, natural surroundings, follow the given structure and want to learn more about - or practice -  meditation, mindful presence, yoga and a sustainable life mastery.

Many of us occasionally experience stress, time pressure, burnout or inner turmoil, depression, grief or anxiety, low self-esteem or insecurity, vulnerability, addictions or bad habits, numbness, loneliness or a feeling of emptiness, or we are looking for something that gives meaning to our life.

The retreat center houses a variable and unique mix of people who share their experiences and learning, and who support each other in their search for a good life.

Individual and group talks, teachings and workshops are based on solidly established therapeutic traditions and wisdom traditions that is looking behind the major religions.

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A rehabilitation farm, and a learning place that offers meditation, yoga, silence, nature, farm work and awareness-raising workshops in a safe and
supportive community. 

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And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.


-John Muir

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