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Registration as a volunteer is now closed!

Finnskogen Retreat is primarily a non profit business driven by idealism and voluntary work. Would you like to help run the retreat farm and be part of our little volunteer team and community, we would love to hear from you!

In 2023, we have the following positions available:

  • Cooking, purchasing food, organizing a small kitchen, and some easy cleaning 

  • Therapy work, welcoming guests, dialogue  

  • Forest, maintenance, renovation, construction and farm work (long time volunteer)

  • Cultivate vegetables, flowers, gardening and farm work

Accommodation price voluntary: NOK 700 per week

Working hours: From 0 - 5 hours daily

As a volunteer you only pay for the food you eat, and you work from 0 to 5 hours a day. You will have the opportunity to meet many different people, both organizers and guests, but also to withdraw as you wish and need. You will live close to nature, have the opportunity to cultivate and deepen your own practice, and participate in all the programs that Finnskogen Retreat arranges, as far as possible, and according to your own wishes.

We are looking for someone who has experience from the aforementioned work and can work independently. You are stable, reliable, responsible and positive. For construction and maintenance we are looking for someone who might wanna stay for longer, preferably throughout the season, from May to September/October, but shorter stays will also be considered. For this position there might be payed work as well. We are a small team, sometimes only 2-3 people. Personal suitability, chemistry, ability to collaborate and communication will therefore be emphasized. The working positions can be adapted to individual skills if necessary.

At Finnskogen Retreat, it is of great importance to be able to live slowly and work slowly. Between program, guests and work we have time for quiet days and dimming of impressions. In this way we can recover and practice according to our own needs, enjoy nature and just be present. It is important for both animals and humans to feel both inhalation and exhalation, work and rest, night and day, activity and silence. This rhythm is essential for the place to have a healing quality.

In periods where we are fully booked, it may be necessary that you are willing to spend the night in a tent with a mattress. Otherwise, you will have your own room or a simple cabin.


If this resonates, we would like to hear from you! Send an e-mail and tell us a little about yourself, preferably with a photo or a link to a presentation of yourself on social media, so we get a broader impression of you. Share a bit about your experiences and intentions, and how you think you may contribute, to

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