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Welcome to guidance and conversation at Finnskogen Retreat.

Through a holistic approach with conversations, experiments and exercises, we find out together what you need and what helps you. The content of the conversations is optional and takes place at your pace and within your limits.

The first conversation is non-binding, and an opportunity to get to know the form and each other a little. It is an opportunity for both of us to feel if we can work together. A period of work/therapy can be anything from a couple of hours to a longer period. We create an overview of your wishes, needs or challenges, based on your point of view and your history.


I use gestalt therapy and the Enneagram as a starting point for conversations and guidance. Gestalt therapy is a well-established and recognized form of therapy within psychotherapy, based on the Zen Buddhist tradition. It is a form of therapy that helps us listen not only to what our head and emotions are telling us, but also our body. By balancing the three centers of intelligence, head, heart and body, we become whole people.

The Enneagram is an ancient wisdom tradition with many parallels to Gestalt therapy. It is a form of spiritual psychology, which uncovers the 'ego' - our old, automated and unconscious thought tracks. Patterns of feelings and actions become clearer, and your shadow sides and blind spots, but also resources, potential, unique gifts and qualities come to light. Read more about the Enneagram here.

In our meeting, I also bring out wisdom from the ancient but highly relevant traditions of Yoga philosophy and Buddhism, both of which represent the science of the whole human being. They are both support in difficult times, and guides to a harmonious and balanced life for body, mind and soul.



Conversations or guidance are suitable for you if you

Need help and support in a difficult situation or phase of life

Want to take a closer look at a dilemma or recurring theme

Experiencing uncertainty about a particular choice or problem

Are tired of walking in the same tracks and old patterns

Want to see what is stopping you from truly being yourself or moving forward

Experiencing a life crisis or challenging processes

Live with stress, restlessness, anxiety, self-criticism, sleep difficulties or depression

Need help with other mental challenges

Longing for change

Just need a chat or someone to talk to



60 minutes: NOK 650

1.5 hours: NOK 950

2 hours: NOK 1,200

Package price: 6 x 60 min: NOK 3,700



- You are warmly welcome -

Bodil Skadberg,

Owner of Finnskogen Retreat

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