Do you need support in life's challenges?

You are welcome to receive guidance and help at Finnskogen Retreat. Through a holistic approach, conversations, various tools and exercises, you are gently awakened from old patterns and habits that are no longer useful to you, and you are given tools that you can benefit from throughout your life. Everything takes place at your own pace and within your limits, supported by your own inner wisdom, your commitment and your own will. The exercises and conversations will show you how to know yourself better, how to understand yourself better, and how to take care of yourself, your wishes and your needs.


I use the Enneagram as a starting point for guidance. The Enneagram is an ancient tradition of wisdom and 'spiritual psychology', which reveals the 'ego'; our old, automatic and unconscious thoughts. Patterns of emotion and action are revealed, and your resources, potentials, and gifts to the world come to light. In addition, I use the ancient but highly relevant Yoga philosophy that shows us the way to a harmonious and balanced life for body, mind and soul. Mindfulness meditation and self-compassion exercises are integrated into my practice, and are retrieved according to what suits your situation. I also use experiences and knowledge from studies in areas such as management, pedagogy, anthroposophy, psychology, guidance and addiction therapy together with my own life experience, intuition and sensitive attention with you. Feel welcome, no matter who you are and where you are going.


In the first conversation, we'll make an overview of your challenges and look at your needs in relation to your point of view and your history. Then we create a direction for our appointments together, with emphasis on what you need and want. Eventually you are invited to participate in various mindfulness exercises, writing exercises and other practices that will be useful to you, always with common goals for the process.



My life coaching is suitable for you if you

  • Need help and support in a difficult situation or life phase

  • Want to take a closer look at a dilemma or recurring topic

  • Experience uncertainty around a particular choice or problem

  • Are tired of walking in the same footsteps and repeating old patterns

  • Want to see what keeps you from really being yourself or want to move on

  • Are experiencing a life crisis or challenging processes

  • Live with stress, restlessness, anxiety, self-criticism, have difficulty sleeping or suffer from depression

  • Need help with other mental challenges

  • Are longing for a change in your life


Prices in NOK:

950, - / 60 min

1.425,- / 90 min

1.900,- / 2 hours

Quantity discount: 6 x 60 min: 5.200,-



- You are warmly welcome -

Bodil Skadberg, life coach