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Yoga Retreat - open for everyone

50hr Yoga Alliance Immersion 

The 9th - 15th of June

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Registration for this retreat is closed

We will invite you deep into the serene forest Finnskogen, where we will explore the power of Sound through ancient Anahata Yoga Practices.

We will dive deep into the teachings, philosophy and most importantly the practices of sound through;

chanting, singing, many voice activations and sound healings.

The sound will lead us through its endless vibration into the chakra system where we will get to know the chakras, their frequency, qualities and learn different chants, mudras, movements and practices to release stuck negative emotions stored in each center.


Emotions such as fear, guilt and grief can and will most likely sneak up on all of us at times when we least expect it, and we might act on it from a habitual pattern of fear, the famous "what if" mindset or sadness. We might not even know "why" we do this and this is why we will be working with regression through breathwork as well as inner child meditations.

This Immersion is for anyone and everyone that is interested to immerse themselves in Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound) and all its healing and transformative benefits. Learning how to use chanting in our asana practice, as well as in Meditation, Ceremony, Yoga Nidra and Yoga Nyasa. 

As well as for those who already have a passion for sound and want to learn how to facilitate this and create their own offerings. And of course for those who want to put 50 hours to their Yoga Certificate with Yoga Alliance. 


As much as this is a Training, it is also a healing and freeing Journey for your Heart, Mind and Body.

As the frequency and vibration truly affects everything. 

And if you after reading this feel some resistance to open your voice and share it with others or even with yourself,

it is definitely a sign that this is for you!


We will come together as Team of Heart Yogis that have explored, transformed and developed a very unique relationship with sound,

let us introduce them: 


Bella has apprenticed with Peter Clifford for two years, diving deep into the Anahata Philosophy and its many practices.

And during this week Bella will be sharing her passion for Nada Yoga and will be guiding through its wisdom

into the depth of your Heart and Voice. 


Katrin has been sharing her love and passion for Anahata Yoga since 2017, and on her journey found the importance of allowing her voice to open, and to heal from the use of her voice. She will share an open and loving space for you to explore your voice through different settings, allowing the voice to be as it is in every given moment. 

Chris will be sharing his gifts through Heart Songs, Fire Pujas and Ceremony, as well as through the scientific aspects of healing through sound and frequency. He will show you how sound can quieten down your mind and open doors to the inner voice. 


For more information and questions please don't hesitate to contact us on: 

We hope to have you there with us on this heart, voice, and mind opening journey,


With Love 

Hari Om Tat Sat 


Bella, Katrin 

& Chris 

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