Bodil Skadberg

Founder, owner, facilitator, meditation and yoga teacher

History and intention


Some of the collaborators contributing with program at the retreat:


Ani Könchog Lhamo

Ani is an ordained nun from the Tibetan-Buddhist tradition and educated psychologist. She has extensive experience from meditation and silent retreats both in Norway and abroad.

Trude i havgapet4.jpg

Trude Bjørlykke Hansen  


Psychodrama leader and awareness trainer. What does unconditional love and being really mean? Through exercises, meditation and conversations as tools, these are topics that are explored. Trude is an intuitive psychodrama leader and relies 100% on the creative and spontaneous resources. She is happy to share her own experience from her spiritual journey, with the intention of inspiring us to take conscious ownership of our own journey through life. Trude will contribute with her expertises and qualities during this summer's "Personal Retreat".


Roos van der Laan

Roos works as a coach, certified mindfulness instructor and mentor, resident in the Netherlands. She has a background as a dramatherapist and has worked with groups and 1:1 on personal development and awareness. Nature is a great source of inspiration in her work and personal life. It is the place where we remember who we really are and how we can achieve deep inner silence. “I help people reconnect with their hearts and live from that core”

Roos runs her own practice in Amersfoort: 

KristianePortrettbilde 3.jpg

Kristiane is a trained nurse and osteopath and has good experiences of applying knowledge from osteopathy and functional anatomy in yoga classes. Throughout her yoga classes, she emphasizes that yoga should be a safe path to greater joy of movement and make us better equipped to meet everyday demands with ease and profit. Kristiane has a great interest in body-mind connections and how, through being in contact with the body's sensations, we also come into contact with ourselves and the environment in a new way. Kristiane has recently written a master's thesis on body-mind connections based on the movement practice 5 rhythms. It is available via this link (Empowerment from a body perspective ). 

In recent years, Kristiane has drawn a lot of inspiration from yoga teachers such as Donna Farhi, Lisa Peterson and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.

Torunn profilbilde 2.jpg

Torunn Avelsgaard Lien

is a yoga teacher, unit therapist, musician and medical student, and holds courses and retreats with a versatile and knowledge-based approach to healing and self-development. She is driven by curiosity about how people can get in touch with their full potential, for a more peaceful and loving world.


Cecilia Csiki

Yoga teacher for this summer's personal retreat. Cecilie practices and teaches yoga with an intention of genuineness and humility, and invites to softness and playfulness in the classes. She is educated in Hatha yoga, takes further education in "Yoga as therapy" and is concerned with making yoga easy, safe and accessible to people, with the starting point they have. Her background as a nurse has taught her the importance of self-love and self-care, and has given her a deeper understanding of the holistic human being.

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Caroline Hargreaves (Ináya)


Ecotherapist, yoga teacher and artist with background in diplomacy and peace processes. She is the woman behind Norwegian Sage, a portal for awareness of wholeness, nature and regenerative being. Caroline is a meditation teacher at this summer's personal retreat, and she also holds her own courses and retreats with a focus on deep contact with inner and outer nature. More about Caroline:

Finnskogen Retreat

The background and purpose of Finnskogen Retreat


Bodil Skadberg

Finnskogen Retreat is the result of a vision I have been

inspired and driven by for several years.


Behind me, I have many years of experience in social work and

management. In the extension of ambitions and great responsibility,

I gradually experienced a more hectic everyday life, high demands

and time pressure, a large amount of work and increased

expectations from others and myself. Slowly, life changed from 

being exciting and rewarding to be characterized by stress.

The quality of life was gone and every day was difficult.

Finally I quit my job and began to search for a new way

to cure my chaotic mind.


A long-term stay at a mindfulness retreat in Chiang Rai, Thailand,

became the turning point for me. Meditation and silence in a healing

community made me slowly aware of my own thinking patterns, and

eventually I learned to let go of these and create new, positive ways

to talk to myself.


We can consider crises as gifts and opportunities, an offer, a proposal for change. We suddenly face some major choices, and can find out more about who we really are behind roles and facades. We can cope with some established habits, physical or mental, and become more authentic and genuine. Deep inside the crises there are treasures - unknown possibilities that we had not seen without adversity. View of something new.



My own crises have proved to be invaluable opportunities for me and I want to share what I have learned.

In addition to education and wide experience in management, leadership, special education, social education and organic farming, I am a trained yoga and mindfulness instructor and have studied and practiced various meditation techniques since 2009. I teach people with stress-related difficulties, depression and anxiety disorders, and I guide individuals in crises, people looking for deeper meaning, and other types of mental challenges. Read more about life coaching here.


To me, meditation is an important source of insight and inner peace, balance and wisdom. Meditation makes my life richer and more nuanced, and I am more aware of diversity, in me and around me. Meditation practice also makes it easier to understand myself and others, and have compassion and love for all living. It gives me a greater ability to be present in what I do, and in what I am.


My goal for creating a place for retreats is to give other people the opportunity to come together in a safe and supportive community and practice meditation, silence, yoga and other healing activities. In this way we can cultivate inner growth. We can get to know our vulnerability, our courage and our strength. We can find insight and wisdom, develop trust and patience, and experience love and fellowship.