Born in the infinite forest we can find this

wondrous place. A place that holds and gently

carries us back to the magic of childhood.

  • Julia, Germany


You come to a place where time stands still.

The rhythms of the forest are independent of the fact that we are in the year 2020 and live in a complex and conceptualized society. At the same time, you follow the seasons here, feel nature up close and can let yourself be taken over by the silence. You feel something of yourself in the forest, and can use nature's many symbols and spaces for contemplation to reflect, find wisdom and basically let go.

  • Alma, Roskilde Denmark


Thank you so much for an instructive and conscious course! I feel very lucky to have participated in your course. I have become more aware of what I can do to handle my thoughts and feelings in a way that is good to myself. The consciousness and acceptance of my thoughts and feelings make me feel a little easier about the heart in difficult situations.

The course even gave me a boost in the direction of greater self-acceptance, and it's really big for me.

Your engagement, warmth and honesty gives a particularly nice mood to the course, which gives me the courage to make me feel at ease in my work with myself.

Louise, 30 år, Kolding Danmark




Bodil's insight is surpassed only by her heart. There really are no limits to what we all contain of depth and potential!

Alma from Denmark




A surprisingly good course.

Pål, 30, Norway



Bodil is a very competent and extremely nice instructor! I've got a lot to reflect on and a lot of useful advices and good guidance. I can only give my very best recommendations! Enjoy the silence in yourself.

Sara Overgaard Jensen, 23, Denmark




I have learned to be more present and have become acquainted with a more authentic part of myself, gained social profits and more acceptance of myself.

Jens, 34, Norway




I have got a tool to sort my thoughts and feelings - to look behind them. I've become better to meditate! The science, psychology and the history of mindfulness were very interesting. Great to meet and be guided. Bodil is a really good and balanced instructor. Really comfortable. The topic of the "analysis" of what lies behind thoughts in everyday life - and the connection to everyday situations was very good.

Merete, 28, Norway





Pleasant atmosphere in the assembly. Apparently calm and friendly instructor, attentive to everyone present. The course could be longer, but good value for money. It is good to be repeated / reminded of good thoughts / strategies / techniques. I enjoyed the wave technique in connection with breathing.

Johan, 37, Norway





I have learned to meditate and to be present in daily tasks. Would recommend the course.

 Christian, 41, Norway




The most important thing I have learned is to pay more attention to saying to myself: "It's okay that I feel .... right now "when I'm in a difficult situation. Keeping in mind that I and everyone else are afraid of what others think. Because Bodil has a blend of seriousness, honesty and humor, it became easy and tremendous - and I felt comfortable - an important starting point when I meditate and sit with others.

Peter, 27, Denmark





I have had some good, trusting and open times with both myself and the people around me. I will remember being loving and breath. THANK YOU!

Laura Bang Elm, 20, Denmark