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Optimize Your Nervous System

In the middle of the Norwegian forest we get together and explore how to train, balance and optimize our nervous systems.

In a natural, safe, supportive and playful environment we create a potent opportunity to step up and take responsibility and control of our physical, mental and emotional health.

We extract the essence of ancient practices including the use of breath, sound and movement and apply it to the individual and collective challenges of modern day society.



• Do transformational work in a playful setting

• Lead, serve and create with more clarity and stability

• Understand and increase resilience of the nervous system

• Reconnect with the inherent peace, joy and curiosity of simply being alive

• Equip yourself with new tools to stay on top of situations in daily life

• Increase ability to handle stress and heal the root cause of stress-related diseases

• Work with anxiety, depression, tension, sleep issues, fatigue

• Uncover your most powerful, loving, creative, and compassionate self



• 3 days in a spacious retreat in the forest filled with playful, challenging and nurturing activities combined with short, informational and inspiring talks - all rooted in both ancient wisdom and modern science

• Guidance and support by two compassionate, enthusiastic and experienced spaceholders and facilitators

• Nutritionally dense, high fat, low-glycemic, vegetarian food supporting work of building a resilient nervous system! 👊

• Daily schedules carefully put together taking into consideration the circadian rhythm, intermittent fasting, pendulations between exertion and restoration and a variation in mental, physical and spiritual practices

• 1 preparatory + 1 follow up zoom-meeting



• Movement exploration
• Breathwork
• Ecstatic dance
• Cold and heat exposure
• Nature immersion
• Meditation
• Cacao ceremony
• Sound healing
• Therapeutic touch
• Journaling
• Sharing and listening
• Community building




DAILY SCHEDULE (subject to daily alterations):

06.00 – Wake up bell

06.30 – Hot lemon water

07.00 – Morning practice (meditation, movement, breathing, relaxation, journaling)

10.00 – Breakfast

11.00 – Main practice and lecture (breathwork, cold and heat exposure, nature immersion)

14.00 – Lunch

16.00 – Afternoon practice (ecstatic dance, cacao ceremony, yoga nidra, restorative harp yoga, sharing)

18.00 – Tea

19.00 – Evening gathering (music, sharing, journaling)

22.00 – Lights out

Thursday checkin: 15.00-17.00

Thursday program start: 18.00 (dinner and opening)

Sunday program end: 17.00 (Crussen DJ set)




• Price: 5400 NOK. (Including food and accomodation)

• Application form: https://form.jotform.com/211754516164353

• Contact: optimizeyournervoussystem@gmail.com





We met two years ago and immediately recognized a deep resonance - we were both on a path of exploring life, health, music and wellbeing through play and diligent work.

We share a common curiosity in evolving as human beings. As neighbors and close friends we support each other daily in this work.

We find immense joy in sharing with each other and developing our views and practices together so that what we share with others can be as integrated, honed and powerful as possible.



On my quest for knowledge about human health and wellbeing, I started my journey of self exploration through yoga and meditation fifteen years ago. Studying and deepening my practice with several teachers, most of them based in India, I slowly learned how to access the healing powers of my own body and mind. Five years later I got a strong urge to share what I had found with others, and decided to start teaching yoga. During my first years as a teacher I became aware of the immense amount of physical and mental suffering amongst the people who came to my classes, and I did not always feel I had all the tools needed to help out. Since then I have continuously studied different healing traditions to find new answers on how to facilitate other people's self-explorative work.

One of the educations that has had the most impact on me is my three years study of energy medicine with Dr. Audun Myskja, during which my curiosity just grew bigger, and I decided to finally start my studies of allopathic medicine at the university of Oslo to get an even more complete understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathology as seen from the view of modern science.

Currently I am studying vocal sound therapy at the Gilalai Institute with Githa Ben David, which has taken my understanding of the healing power of sound and music to another level.

I work as an energy medicine therapist, yoga and meditation teacher, sound healer and musician, and spaceholder for healing work and ceremonies. I feel like every day is a new opportunity for learning and sharing something that can be for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Education / certification:
• 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Vidya, Krishna Chatanya)
• 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training (Rishikesh Yog Peeht, Roshan Singh)
• Bachelor of music (Norwegian Academy of music)
• Energy medicine therapy (Center for Life Support, Audun Myskja)
• Flower remedy therapy (Center for Life Support, Audun Myskja)
• Master of Reiki - healer and teacher (Aji Kumar)
• Kambo Practitioner (IAKP, Karen Kanya Darke)
• Allopathic medicine - ongoing (University of Oslo)
• Vocal sound therapy - ongoing (Gilalai Institute, Githa Ben David)


Looking back, I seem to always have been exploring ways in which I can have a new experience of myself in the world. From extreme sports such as skateboarding, kitesurfing, gymnastics, freerunning and thaiboxing I gradually transitioned into meditation, breathwork and plant medicines. Music was always there with me, as a kid I trumpeted away on the French horn in the local small town orchestra, then onto drumming in a hardcore punk band and studying music at high school.

For over a decade now, I have been making my own electronic music and I travel the whole world connecting with people through music, dance and playfulness. However, up until 2017, I was noticing an increasing sense of lack of fulfillment.

Outside of the music scene, my continuous self-explorative work led me to breathwork. My life shifted rather radically upon realizing the power to control our health and emotional states that we unlock just by breathing in certain ways. And it is instantly accessible - at any moment!

Deeply inspired, I put my body and mind through 6 months of wild experimenting and playing with the breath on my own before I found myself in Czech Republic studying Holotropic Breathwork. Additionally, I joined a course with legendary breathworker Dan Brulé in Oslo.

I quickly got to put my new understanding into practice as my sister was in the midst of a challenging time and wanted to work with the breath. These sessions eventually grew to include a couple of friends and I started creating my own supportive sound journeys focusing on tremolo harmonica, Paraguayan harp and chanting, strongly influenced by traditions of indigenous plant medicine ceremonies. I infuse the sessions with playfulness as this creates openness and safety as well as smoother integration of the experiences.

For 3,5 years now, I have been facilitating large groups as well as individual breathwork, movement, sound journey experiences around the world. It does not matter if I am at a corporate event in Singapore, a wedding in Ibiza or a festival in the Mexican jungle - the breath can crack open any heart and mind and enrich one's life.

The deeply introspective, challenging and personally transformative nature of these experiences plays the important role of counterbalancing my DJ / Harmonica shows, which are mainly celebratory. This has allowed for a sense of fulfillment to return to my work.

Through my own personal work in combination with evolving with my audience a mission to be of service to the best of my ability has established itself. When we visit and embrace the depths and dark corners of ourselves, and only then, can we realize that the ultimate celebration is life itself!

Education / certification
• Music Design (Norwegian School of Creative Studies)
• Bachelor of Popular Music Production (Southampton Solent University)
• Master of Popular Music & Record Production (Kingston University)
• Holotropic Breathwork Module 'Spiritual Emergency' (Czech Republic)
• Breathwork course (Dan Brulé, Oslo)
• Somatic Skills and Practices for Online Sessions (Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release System)
• Ongoing: personal studies of the physiology of breathing and its effect on the autonomic nervous system




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