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Your own retreat.


For one week each summer, Finnskogen Retreat is open for your own solo retreat. You get the opportunity to rent a bed in a shared room, a private room or simple cabin, or set up your own tent or camper, and create your own retreat life, either for a few days (minimum 4 days), or up to a week - depending on what suits you most. You dispose of all the farm's facilities; yoga and meditation hall, dining room, kitchen, outdoor shower, the farm's meadow and forest, swimming beach in the clean lake and the wildlife around the retreat center.

A solo retreat can be about calming down and doing as little as possible, perhaps being quiet and going inward. It may be a time  for yoga or meditation practice, or perhaps you need time to process and digest things in life, be in nature, or take a closer look at your own life patterns and challenges.


The community, nature, silence, and the practices and routines you create for yourself will be the supporting and healing components of your stay. The number of people on the farm will vary from a few to around 12. You choose the extent to which you want to interact, and you respect others and their needs and boundaries.


We facilitate for you to practice whatever you feel like you need for a good life, whether it is your own yoga practice, meditation or prayer, silence, study or contemplation, closeness to nature, or perhaps you need a detox from external stimuli in your life, or from relationships. Perhaps your retreat is about doing less, letting go, and just be present.


A solo retreat is also an opportunity for guidance or conversations, read more about our professional therapy offer here. You can also ask for smaller or larger practical tasks on the farm or in the forest, if you want to incorporate simple activities into your own retreat; it can be a useful variation, combination - or movement - to your practice.


A calm and peaceful daily rhythm is facilitated, where all solo retreatants respect each other's practice, silence and rhythms. On the whole farm, silence is practiced from 22:00 until 09:00 the next morning.


At this solo retreat, you bring your own food, and prepare your own meals in the common retreat kitchen.

See prices for solo retreats at the bottom of this page.



Many of us occasionally experience stress, time pressure, burnout or inner turmoil, depression, grief or anxiety, low self-esteem or insecurity, vulnerability, addictions or bad habits, loneliness or a feeling of emptiness, or we are looking for something that gives

meaning to our life.

The retreat houses a variable and unique mix of people who share their experiences and learning, and who support each other in their search for a good life.

In the space between your thoughts, there is your truth.
–Reuben Lowe-



(Minimum 3 nights. Full week: august 14 - 21)

Bring your own tent or sleep in a shared quiet room/dormitory with curtains between the beds:


NOK 350 per night



Private room or cottage:


NOK 450 per night


Booking solo retreat is closed
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